I’m a troll, fol-de-rol!


I’ve been blocked from posting comments on Santander’s Facebook Page. I see this as some sort of achievement.

Santander views its Page as an advertising opportunity, so it’s understandable if it doesn’t want it spoiled by negative comments. Even so, I must have done something special to warrant being banned, because you’ll still find plenty of uncomplimentary comments on this page. Perhaps I pushed my luck by posting four comments in one day.

It’s amusing to poke fun at this self-satisfied bank on its own advertising portal, and I’ll miss it now that I can’t do it, but it’s no tragedy. It’s more serious to me that, on the same day, another user was banned from the Page.

She is a customer of Santander who has been put in an impossible situation, having had an insurance claim rejected. This insurance was arranged by Santander.

The sum involved is substantial, and she has no way to raise the funds. She may be forced to sell her home. Attempts to discuss this with Santander have been fruitless. You know the routine, having to make repeated calls to the bank, never speaking to the same person twice, explaining the whole saga from the beginning every time, no resolution in sight. It’s no surprise that it left her worried and frustrated.

It’s because of this that she has tried to get some response from her bank on its Facebook Page. Although her complaint is genuine and her language was moderate, Santander responded by blocking her and removing her comments. This bank is a shining beacon in the world of customer service!

I’ve been deliberately vague, and kept her anonymous, because she has now made tentative contact with the bank. I don’t want to do anything to compromise this negotiation.

Even though she might get somewhere now, the banks initial reaction, of pulling up the drawbridge at the first sign of dissent, gives a clear insight into its opinion of its customers. They only exist to make money for the bank. Once this ends, they become the enemy.

I see little sign of this attitude changing.

Have you had the same thing happen to you? Do you disagree with my assessment? Feel free to leave a comment.


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